Transeng was established in 1992 to offer engineering design, installation and application of lubrication systems for a variety of industries throughout the U.K. Transeng strives to deliver a customer focused, quality and technical service to it's clients:

  Design: Transeng engineers have many years of experience in developing lubrication solutions for clients in different industries offering optimum solution to reduce cost and improve asset life.  Design services included feasibility study, assessment, system design, component design and installation and maintenance planning.


  Installation: Transeng have dedicated experienced engineers in lubrication technology with practical expertise to offer professional installation for various applications.  Transeng offers its own product and the products from associate companies.


  Products: Transeng offers a number of products for various applications.   ‘MONOLUBE’ Canister lubricator with replaceable grease cartridges is approved by London Underground and Network Rail for track lubrication.


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Winnall Valley Road
Hampshire SO23 0LD


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